Developed by Coastal Realty in 2007
Close-in subdivision with large home sites and protective covenants

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CONCEPT:  This 55 acre site is nestled in a secluded area surrounded by Resaca del Rancho Viejo.  The site is covered with mature ebony and mesquite trees.  The main access will be from FM 511 and will be beautifully landscaped with a quiet lane leading across the Resaca into Heron Cove Estates.

PROTECTIVE COVENANTS:  All Interior Lots have a minimum home size requirement of 2,000 sq.ft.  Resaca Lots home sizes start at 2,500 square feet. The covenants shall address fencing, roof types, setbacks, off street parking, landscaping, mailboxes, etc.

HOME OWNER’S ASSOCIATION:  A Home Owners Association will be established to approve all home plans prior to construction, assist in administering the common landscape areas and oversee the interests of the Heron Cove Estates’ owners.  A small fee will be accessed monthly.  Lot mowing fees will also be accessed until a lot owner starts construction of their home.

LOCATION:  FM 511 @ Charmaine Road (near Hwy 48)