80+ Acre Retail Development
Expressway 77 @ Morrison Road • Brownsville, TX

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Currently In Development

Morrison Crossing is a prime retail development strategically located in the growth pattern of booming Brownsville, Texas. Brownsville is at the epicenter of one of the most dynamic and exciting regions in North America. Situated near where the Rio Grande River and Gulf of Mexico meet, the city is uniquely positioned as a hub for international trade in the NAFTA marketplace. Together with its sister city of Matamoros, Mexico, Brownsville has emerged as a top destination for retailers, manufacturers and logistics firms looking for a thriving new location to do business. The Rio Grande Valley’s largest and most historic city, Brownsville has led the way in welcoming new industry to the region.

With Morrison Road under construction and West Loop in advanced planning stages, Morrison Crossing is positioned for easy access at Brownsville’s next major crossroads. Adjacent to Morrison Crossing, the El Valle subdivision consists of 2285 residential lots (1,143 developed, 427 under construction, and 670 in preliminary stages). Several hundred additional acres along Morrison Road are being platted for residential use with a potential for 1,635 additional residential lots.