Commercial real estate

Looking to buy commercial real estate?

Real estate is a solid investment. However, the market can be extremely unpredictable in even the best of times. If you’re not buying properties in the right areas, you could be missing opportunities. Get closer to your target market or get a coveted spot in an affluent neighborhood.

With a professionally researched market analysis in hand, you can make better-informed decisions regardless of the local market’s climate. Our comprehensive market analysis covers all the most important factors in commercial real estate, such as:


Popular locations often lead to higher prices. However, with a proper market analysis, you can weigh costs vs. location across hundreds of properties at once.

Suppliers / Vendors

Real estate agents highlight “location, location, location” for a reason. However, it’s important to consider every aspect of this, such as your proximity to airports, post offices, suppliers, and potential tenants.


With a full demographics report, you can identify the best neighborhoods for your specific business while also evaluating your property’s likelihood of going up in value.


Being too close to competition may lead to struggling for market share or loss in sales or clients. Ensure your new location will be far away from major competitors with a market analysis.

Traffic counts

All areas of the same market (and even the same neighborhood) are not created equal. For instance, high traffic counts will appeal to one specific type of developer, while lower traffic counts will appeal to another.

Compare rates

Do you know what your competitors are charging? Do you know how to find out if they’re offering financing or other incentives? The better you understand the competition, the better you negotiate with potential buyers.

Buying commercial properties can be easy.

We do it all (so you don’t have to).

12 Tips for Strategic Commercial
Real Estate Transactions

Twelve amazing tips that will help you value your property, lease vacant
, and find the perfect location for your business.

  • Establish a pricing strategy
  • Understand investors’ points of interest
  • Know your market
  • Attracting tenants
  • Lease vs. Buy
  • Much more!