Looking to get the right space for your business?

If you’re not currently occupying a space that fits your business’s needs and your plans for future growth, you could be missing valuable opportunities. At Coastal Realty, we can help you find the right space so you can hire more employees, be closer to your target market, or close the distance between vendors or suppliers.

We can also ensure you’re getting the best deal for your space by providing detailed lease rate comparisons. That means taking everything into account, not just the square footage and monthly rent. We look at…


Do you know exactly where your target market is? With a Coastal Realty demographics report, you can better identify your ideal location or locations. This can make all the difference in your ability to earn and grow down the line.


If you want to carve out your own niche, you need to position yourself away from both major and minor competitors within the marketplace. We can provide the sort of in-depth analysis you need to find the ideal location.

traffic counts

If your company sales rely on people seeing your sign, you need to pay attention to traffic counts near your store. We can help provide these assessments, so you know what to expect before you start location shopping.

compare rates

Many business owners dream of having that “perfect location” but consider it too far out of their budget. However, they never actually run the numbers to see if the added revenue will outweigh the costs. If you’re shopping for CRE, you need a comprehensive rate comparison from Coastal Realty.


Will being located closer to post offices, airports, labs, or other major vendors / suppliers reduce costs or travel time? With our team on your side, we can ensure you have all the information you need to minimize potential costs.

Search online

Properties become available (and unavailable) constantly. The only way you can stay up-to-date on potential spaces is with frequent online search reports. At Coastal, we work hard to keep you “in the know” about the best locations and properties in your market.

Finding space for your business can be easy.

We do it all (so you don’t have to).

12 Tips for Strategic Commercial
Real Estate Transactions

Twelve amazing tips that will help you value your property, lease vacant
, and find the perfect location for your business.

  • Establish a pricing strategy
  • Understand investors’ points of interest
  • Know your market
  • Attracting tenants
  • Lease vs. Buy
  • Much more!